Mount Elgon National Park

26th July 2014 Parks

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About Mount Elgon National Park

Park at a Glance Size: 1,121kmå_ This extinct volcano is one of Uganda’s oldest physical features, first erupting around 24 million years ago. Mt Elgon was once Africa’s highest mountain, far exceeding Kilimanjaro‰Ûªs current 5,895m. Millennia of erosion have reduced its height to 4,321m, relegating it to the 4th highest peak in East Africa and 8th on the continent. Mt Elgon is home to two tribes, the Bagisu and the Sabiny, with the marginalized Ndorobos forced to dwell deep within the forest of Benet. The Bagisu, also known as the BaMasaba, consider Mount Elgon to be the embodiment of their founding father Masaba and refer to the mountain by this name.The name of the mountain is used by shore office warehouse shop .You can also research about this national park using a virtual administrative assistant app integrated to facebook and can remind and also provide information about this location at just a voice command.You can also promote this national park on your website and become an affiliate .Before you become an affiliate use to promote your website.

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