Buyala Community Nursery And Primary School,Buwagi (Kakyomya),Kagoma


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School profile and volunteering opportunities


P.o Box 1340, JINJA Uganda.

Tel +256 (0) 773392959.



“A school with a difference”


To provide quality education, sponsorship and career guidance to the children so that we can make their dreams a reality.


To bring new hope into the lives of orphans and other vulnerable groups.


To principle activity of the Agency of education to the vulnerable children in the community.


The school is funded by income generated from the meager fees charged from some able children and support from well wishes.


The school is private, currently day and community based. Mixed boys and girls.


In line with religious values, Buyala community p/s is built on good morals, standards and strict discipline as a basis for academic excellence.


Buyala community p/s is a community based primary school founded in 2007 with seven classes i.e. from Baby class-primary four. The school aims at advocating, lobbing and proving on the lives of orphans and other vulnerable groups in budondo sub county .we realized the need to provide hope and necessary support services towards improving live hoods of orphans and other needy children. In 2008, it was linked to a community based organization called save the Need Africa (SANA) which helped the school with furniture like desks and office chairs. In 2010 , a temporary building was put up, qualified teachers were employed and the new school management committee was elected, and took control of the school under Mr.Goobi Farouk as the headteacher.On 20th may 2012 the school bought land and we are now developing the new site slowly but slowly we shall be able to shift by next year .


Buyala community Nursery and primary school is located in Africa, East Africa, Uganda, Eastern Uganda, Jinja district Kagoma County, Budondo sub county Buyala Trading centre, 300 meters long mutai ibungu road.


vTo transform our community through provision of quality education to needy children.

vTo promote sponsorship to the needy children of Uganda.

vTo inculcate moral values in the children of Uganda.

vTo offer quality and affordable education to the pupils of budondo and areas around.

vTo bring educational services nearer to the people.

vTo reduce on the journeys travelled by children.


They have an administration structure as it is common in any school and below is the current teaching staff and their responsibilities

Teacher’s Names Gender Responsibilities

Mr.Goobi Faruok M Head teacher

Mr.Akise Paul M Assistant

Mrs.Nakitende Fazira F Director of studies

Ms: Bilibawa Annet F Senior woman teacher

Mrs: Salamula Mary F Heads infant

Mr: Owere John M Senior man teacher

Ms: Nangobi Eseze F class teacher p.4

Mr: Kisige Charles M upper primary career guider

Mr.Mukembo Edgar M class teacher p.7

Support staff

Mrs: Nabirye Madina F cook

Mr: Irumba Bosco M compound worker

Mr: Kabi Ronald M cook


The school is also managed by a strong team of (10) members and below is the list

Names Responsibilities

Mr: Mazima Hamuza chairperson

Mr: Goobi Faruok secretary

Mrs: Mukyala Monica V.chairperson

Mr: Mwesigwa Paul minute recorder

Mrs:Abukawo Amina chairperson P.T.A

Ms:Nakisige Joy school bursar

Mr: Kisige Charles Teacher’s representative

Mr: Bajainda Cohen chairperson L.C.1

Mrs: Ruth Nangobi committee member

Ms: Namukose Recheal committee member

Mr: Matege Micheal committee member

Mrs: Gonza loy save the needy Africa representative


Mrs: Abukawa Amina chairperson

Mr: Munigwa Robert vice chairperson Mr: Goobi Faruok secretary

Mrs:Nakitende Aisha Treasurer

Mrs:Magimba Sarah member

Mr:Mazima Kalimu member

Mr:Kaabi Paul member

Mr: Muhammed Koteka member

Mr: Kunya Moses member

Mrs: Narwada Falidah member



Makoma Idi M Head boy

Sewava Derrick M Assistant Head boy

Nabirye Zaituna F Head girl

Namuwaya Mayimuna F Assistant Head girl

Nomba Salimu M Time keeper

Kakomo Ziyadi F Sanitary prefect

Ssempala Ashirafu M Compound prefect

Nandawula Joan F Health prefect

Mugere Bumali M Head monitor

Tulyanabo Hadija F Asst.Headmonitor

Mukisa paual M Academics

Kadondi Nawume F Office girl

Makoma Alamanzan M Office boy


ØFencing the new site

ØBuying one tank for harvesting rain water

ØConstructing of permanent building for the school

ØConstructing of another pit latrine

ØBuying land from the neighbor for expansion

ØPurchase computer for the school

ØDesigning a school website

ØEatablishing a play ground for the young children

ØCreating more recreations for the leaner’s i.e purchase of videos entertainment


Recruiting some qualified teachers

Needy children can now access quality education at a free cost

Improved teaching techniques and methods were adopted

The school has bought land



I ii iii iv v TOTAL

2009 3 30 5 — — 38

2010 5 19 6 2 — 32

2011 2 25 3 — — 30

2012 00 35 6 — — 41


ØRising costs due to competition for good teachers both public schools and from expanding private schools

ØOvercrowded classrooms

ØInadequate teaching and learning materials

ØLack of enough funds for the school

ØEconomic poverty of the guardian to some vulnerable children


Buyala community nursery and primary school has presently ten classes under one roof i.e. from baby class to primary seven.



7:08 am Teacher on duty’s arrival.

7:18 am General teachers’ arrival and remedial lessons

8:15 am _ 8:30 am Roll call and register administration.

8:30 am _ 10:30 am morning class session.

10:30 am _ 11:00 am Morning break.

11:00 am _ 12:40 pm Mid morning class session.

12:40 pm _ 1:00 pm Lunch hour program.

1:00 pm _ 2:00 pm Lunch break.

2:00 pm _ 3:30 pm Afternoon class session.

3:30 pm _ 4:00 pm Sports and games.

4:00 pm: _ 4:30 pm extra session.

4:30 pm _ 5:00 pm Home work.

NB :

1. Assembly days: Monday and Friday from 8:00 am : 8:30 am

2. Guidance and counseling Thursday from 2:50 pm : 3:30 pm

3. School environment day Tuesday from 10:00 am : 10:30 am

4. Debate / quiz Friday 2:00 pm : 3:30 pm

5. Psychosocial support to OVCS and straight talk program Wednesday 12:30 pm : 21:30 pm

6. Scouting and girl guide Monday from 2:30 pm : 3 00 pm

7. support community initiative Saturdays 9:00 am : 1:00 pm

Current volunteering opportunities
In your own communities

Campaigning and fundraising – in your own communities you can help by campaigning, raising awareness and fundraising for access to safe water and sanitation, play learning center,HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, , income generating activities to the youth and the disadvantaged and more.

In Uganda in the Buyala Budondo Jinja district

Hands-on assistance to families – help with the daily household chores of families with children that have been orphaned as a result of poverty, HIV/AIDS, violence, conflict related displacement or war. People with social work skills will find this experience very rewarding.
Help establish income-generating activities – provide assistance to our projects that create and implement income-generating opportunities for women, vulnerable children, orphans, youth and the elderly. You can become a valuable incubator of a new family business.
Office and logistic activities – deliver office support, assist with administrative tasks such as budgeting, accounting, updating paperwork, and maintaining personnel files on children and other beneficiaries. Bring your organizational experience to bear in a different setting.
Project management – develop and write project proposals, write grant proposals, help in fundraising, sensitizing the community about environmental conservation,health and sanitation. Write progress reports on Buyala Community School projects. Bring your project skills to enhance our skills.
Teach children – The objective of the Uganda teaching program is to contribute to the academic development of poor local schools, in order to provide the best opportunity for Ugandans from poorer backgrounds to still receive quality education. Teaching at Buyala Community school is an experience not to be missed. Although our children’s’ lives have been tough, they are extremely, polite, cheerful, friendly and are eager to learn. The presence of a mzungu (westerner) is always a great novelty for them. Volunteers are required to teach children ranging in age from 4-16 years. Typical subjects taught include – English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and craft,and Physical Education. Schools in Uganda run for three terms a year. Although the school terms vary from year to year, they are approximately as follows: (Term One – January to March, Term Two – May to July, Term Three – September to November). There are short breaks between these
terms in the months of April, August and December during which time volunteers can take a break, travel, engage in tourist activities such as safari, boat riding,ragid tarren, village walk,mountain climbing , or participate in another placement, (for example; volunteers can assist with the physical upkeep of the school such as painting, decorating and mending desks. Bring your games, songs, musical instrument and enthusiasm to the village!
Peers education – deliver training to staff and volunteers on issues relevant to the activities where Buyala Community School is involved. Help enhance our knowledge base. Be a co-coordinator of our peer education project or help develop a new peer education project. Be a teacher of teachers.
Train farmers – give our rural beneficiaries information and training on applicable technology for best-of-breed agricultural practices, land conservation, food security, bee keeping and others. Bring your knowledge and ability to teach and work the land.

Volunteer requirements and qualifications
Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher. Volunteers simply need enthusiasm, an open mind, caring spirit and a compassionate nature.
All volunteers train through working closely with our local volunteers and are supervised by the organization director. When visiting rural areas the volunteers also work in partnership with other local volunteers.

Volunteers are people just like you! Our volunteers, like our beneficiaries, come from all walks of life. Our volunteers vary in age, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation, and professional backgrounds. Some volunteers do the work because they want to do something outside of work. Some have experienced the loss of a loved one and the experience changed their lives. Some just like to help people. Our volunteers are students, lawyers, accountants, electricians,marketers, sales people, human resource people, home-makers, teachers, and retired people. Many volunteers state that their life is rich and fulfilled and they want to “give back” to their community.

Program details
The program fee is negotiable, depending on the period of your stay at Buyala Community School.
But the fee guideline is US dollar 650 for a month, EURO 508 for a month and pound 406 for a month, This fee MUST be paid before coming at least two weeks before /or upon your placement. There are no application or registration fees required.
The fee covers the following:

Accommodation: in Jinja, Buyala Community School can arrange for volunteers to stay with a local family or in a guest house.
Three square meals in a day
In-country orientation/ training
In-country staff support
Language Instruction
Airport pick up and drop off at Entebbe Airport
A registered Sim card and a mobile phone
An internet facility Do let us know how long you will stay with us so that preparation are made for you

Start Months: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
Placement duration: Minimum: 1 month Maximum:six weeks
Age Limit (years): Minimum:18 Maximum: No limit!
When to Apply: Minimum of two weeks in advance.

Health Requirements: Volunteers must take anti-malaria pills.
Equipment/Clothing: Suitable clothes for hot/rainy climate.
Insurance: Volunteer’s responsibility.

Selection and support
Interview: No interviews.
Training: Short-term volunteers train through working closely with local volunteers. Longer-term volunteers can benefit from the training that local volunteers receive, on counseling, HIV and other relevant topics.
Supervision: Volunteer are supervised by the school administrator.
Debriefing and Certificates: Participants can request a written reference.
Disabled Policy: We can accept volunteers with a disability depending on the disability.
Child Protection Policy:Buyala Community School has a Child Protection Policy.
Liability Insurance: Volunteers are not covered by liability insurance.

Football academy
You can contribute to the success of this program through donating balls,uniform,shoes,socks,training,counseling etc
In the seven short years since its founding,this school has played a major role in the transformation of Buyala Budondo a slum village with so many un productive,un supervised kids with too much time to get into trouble to one providing these youth with a valuable structured program.
The ball game i.e football and netball uses the first serves life skills curriculum to empower young people by providing local football facilities and school with a life skill program that promotes positive value,healthy,habits and education through the game of football and netball resulting in real life power on and off the field.
There is a tremendous need, especially for high risk youth in low income households,for programs that provide activities and support for children during and after school hour and through holidays,children who are left a lone after school report great use of cigarettes,marijuana and alcohol than those in adult supervised setting current research indicates supervised after school and holiday program not only keep the children safe and out of trouble,they also significantly improve academic achievement.
Drama club
The school also has a program for the youth a round the school premises who never attended school. This drama club has now developed to a film company with the name SUN FILMS UGANDA LTD
Cubs in the school
scouting and girl guide
Debating club
Football academy
Drama club
Village Sacco for women

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